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Childhood speech, language, and listening problems, what every parent should know, Patricia McAleer Hamaguchi - (pbk.)

Table Of Contents
What is speech? -- What is language? -- What is listening? -- How do children learn to communicate? -- Speech, language, and listening milestones -- When to get help -- Warning signs to look for -- Whom to see -- Where to go -- The evaluation (aka the assessment) -- Special considerations : testing infants and preschoolers -- The numbers used to measure performance -- After the evaluation: using public school services in the United States -- Options for speech and language therapy -- Stuttering -- Common pronunciation problems -- Common voice problems -- Toddlers and preschoolers with delayed speech or language -- When learning new words comes slowly : vocabulary problems -- The "him not talkin' right" child : morphological and syntax problems -- The "whatchamacallit, um, thing over there" child : a word retrieval problem -- The "I don't know how to explain it" child : sequencing, referential, and divergent language problems -- Social language and playing: when something's not right -- The "What? Did you say something? child : a central auditory processing problem -- The "I forgot what you said" child : an auditory memory problem -- The "I don't understand what I'm supposed to do" child : a language processing problem (aka receptive language delay) -- Common causes of speech, language, and listening problems -- Autism, cerebral palsy, hearing impairment, and other special conditions
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non fiction
Third edition
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vi, 314 pages, 24 cm.

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