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Mandalay Hawk's dilemma, The United States of Anthropocene, Peter Aronson - paperback

Mandalay Hawk's Dilemma : Set in 2030, the book is about a 13-year-old girl's effort to save the world from global warming. The story unwinds in 2030 as The Biiig Heat, the new global warming, is suffocating and swamping earth, causing death, destruction and mayhem like never before. New York City is partially under water (permanently!), a flash forest fire has wiped out the Bronx Zoo, a hail storm kills dozens, hurricanes kill thousands, and it's broiling in winter, aka dumberbummersummer. The only choice is KRAAP-KIDS REVOLT GAINST ADULT POWER. Adults screwed u p, Mandalay and her pals have to fix the problem. There's a march on Washington unlike any other. There's a cat and mouse with hundreds of armed soldiers. And then there's rapping in the Oval Office to a captive president. With five billion people watching, these kids aren't leaving until they get what they want. - back cover
Literary Form
"A middle-grade novel, set in 2030, about global warming's impact and a young teen's effort to stop it." -- front cover
Physical Description
220 pages, 23 cm.

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