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13 things mentally strong parents don't do, raising self-assured children and training their brains for a life of happiness, meaning, and success, Amy Morin - hardcover

A guide for parents to raise mentally strong and resilient children offers advice for providing appropriate support, guidance, and encouragement to help children deal with challenges and flourish in their everyday lives
Table Of Contents
They don't condone a victim mentality -- They don't parent out of guilt -- They don't make their child the center of the universe -- They don't allow fear to dictate their choices -- They don't give their child power over them -- They don't expect perfection -- They don't let their child avoid responsibility -- They don't shield their child from pain -- They don't feel responsible for their child's emotions -- They don't prevent their child from making mistakes -- They don't confuse discipline with punishment -- They don't take shortcuts to avoid discomfort -- They don't lose sight of their values
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non fiction
First edition.
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342 pages, 24 cm

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