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The eye of the world, Robert Jordan

In the Third Age, an age of prophecy when the world and time themselves hang in the balance, the Dark One, imprisoned by the Creator, is stirring in Shayol Ghul
Table Of Contents
Prologue: Dragonmount -- An empty road -- Strangers -- The peddler -- The gleeman -- Winternight -- The westwood -- Out of the woods -- A place of safety -- Tellings of the Wheel -- Leavetaking -- The road to Taren Ferry -- Across the Taren -- Choices -- The stag and lion -- Strangers and friends -- The Wisdom -- Watchers and hunters -- The Caemlyn Road -- Shadow's waiting -- Dust on the wind -- Listen to the wind -- A path chosen -- Wolfbrother -- Flight down the Arinelle -- The traveling people -- Whitebridge -- Shelter from the storm -- Footprints in air -- Eyes without pity -- Children of shadow -- Play for your supper -- Four kings in shadow -- The dark waits -- The last village -- Caemlyn -- Web of the pattern -- The long chase -- Rescue -- Weaving of the web -- The web tightens -- Old friends and new threats -- Remembrance of dreams -- Decisions and apparitions -- The dark along the ways -- What follows in shadow -- Fal Dara -- More tales of the Wheel -- The Blight -- The Dark One stirs -- Meetings at the eye -- Against the shadow -- There is neither beginning nor end -- The Wheel turns
Literary Form
1st ed.
"A TOR book"--Title page verso
Physical Description
xiv, 670 pages, 3 unnumbered pages of plates, illustrations, maps, 24 cm.

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